Sunflower gardens in Hai Duong are in full bloom, don't miss!

 Come right to the sunflower garden in Hai Duong to feel the peaceful atmosphere with the irresistible beauty in the heart of the city, not inferior to the sunflower gardens in Nghe An or Da Lat far away.

Information about sunflower gardens in Hai Duong

This sunflower garden has an area of ​​1ha, located in the area along Truong Chinh street, Tan Binh ward, Hai Duong city. The number of trees planted includes 2,600 Japanese Sakata-like sunflowers, which are typically more than 1 meter tall and usually bloom for 13 to 17 days. This project was planted from September to October, has started to bloom and is open for everyone to visit from October 20, so residents and tourists are extremely excited.


Sunflower garden in Hai Duong - Tan Binh wardPhoto: @ hunghd5789

Sunflowers are a famous flower, a symbol of steadfastness, loyalty and lipstick. A splendid but also powerful beauty with bright yellow flowers always facing the Sun. Brings positive energy and it also shows long-term sustainability. The sunflower garden in Hai Duong is one of the city's projects to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the liberation, with decoration to celebrate the announcement of the decision to reach the Grade I City. 


Sunflower garden in Hai Duong - urban embellishment projectPhoto: @ hunghd5789

And especially the sunflower garden in Hai Duong was born to celebrate the 17th Hai Duong Party Congress. In October is also a time of many Celebrations in the year, so it makes sense. Very important, it is not suddenly that this flower is chosen for planting. Creating a new place to visit for people to explore and check in without having to move too far.

The most ideal time to arrive

Since its inception, the people of Hai Duong have been extremely eagerly waiting for the opportunity to see the flower garden for the first time appearing on such a large area. The beauty is so radiant that it makes it difficult for anyone to pass by without exclaiming astonishment. Not only the young but also the adults also want to visit, so it is always crowded, especially the weekends are increased many times higher.


Sunflower garden in Hai Duong - time to arrivePhoto: @ trangngoc2811

Traveling to Hai Duong, you should come to this sunflower garden on a quiet day. The best time to take pictures with flowers is in the morning from 7 to 9 o'clock, at that time will take advantage of sunlight without being too harsh, quite a few people. Or you can come in the afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock, take pictures and take advantage of the time to watch the sunset on the street, reflected in the irresistible bright flower beds.

Check in brilliant scenery

If you came to check in the sunflower field in Hung Yen , coming to the sunflower garden in Hai Duong, you will also be mesmerized by the simple beauty of this place. The lined flower beds not only promote and introduce images of nature and gentle people in this land to everyone, but also create a destination that is loved by many people.


Sunflower garden in Hai Duong - splendid sceneryPhoto: @nhungtrannnn

Each flower, each flower creates a flower garden that blooms, especially under the cool autumn weather, it radiates the most shimmering beauty. Everyone took advantage to take pictures to show everyone because of the first appearance of such a beautiful and large-scale flower garden. The adults take pictures and introduce them, the young people are dressed in beautiful "outfits" to save the unforgettable moments in their homeland. 


Sunflower garden in Hai Duong - crowded check-in placePhoto: @ ngohuyentrang2402

The sunflower garden in Hai Duong has the flower trees planted very high, so if you know the angle to shoot, you will create extremely quality photos without fear of others being in your frame. In addition to visiting, coming here you can also attend a festival called "Hai Duong - Love City" is also held at this place. The festival with many exciting and meaningful events such as: Open folk dance festival, festival to exchange books for trees, ... 

Attend the Thanh Dong theatrical music show and visit the night market cuisine with famous Hai Duong specialties . Do not forget to visit the chrysanthemum garden at the back gate of Tan Binh Primary School to take pictures. This flower garden is larger than 1 ha, if you buy flowers, you can go to take pictures for free. If not, it only costs 50,000 VND to enter the ticket to take pictures to delight with this pristine white flower. 

Or check in Hong Kong street in Hai Duong which is very "hot" with a particularly impressive space. Come to relax, enjoy a drink and take pictures of the melancholy "virtual life". Visiting the sunflower garden and the spots around this flower garden in Hai Duong city will be an exciting journey bringing many unforgettable experiences for a weekend trip with family or friends. 


Sunflower garden in Hai Duong - check in the alley of Hongkong streetPhoto: @ ngan.luong

Some note when visiting sunflower gardens

The ticket price to visit the Hai Duong sunflower garden as well as take pictures is free, you only have to pay the parking fee from 3-5 thousand.

- When visiting, pay attention not to pick flowers or break branches. 

- Follow a bed with signposts plugged in by the city in the garden, do not litter indiscriminately affecting the landscape and environment.

Each sunflower garden brings its own charm and beauty. The appearance of this flower brings great attraction to Hai Duong tourism without always having the opportunity to admire. Therefore, do not forget to schedule and visit here right away to change the wind and do not miss the opportunity to see the impressive scenery of this one-to-one.