'Standing picture 5s' in front of surreal beauty in Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave

With the system of stalactite is naturally formed to dry and wet caves. All have made a very magical beauty in the heart of Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave. This place is no different from an enchanting galaxy world.

About Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave

Thien Ha Ninh Binh Cave is located in Trang An scenic complex , hidden deep behind the 200m high wall mountain range. This mountain is known to be a very solid natural wall to protect and protect the capital Hoa Lu in the 10th century. At the same time, it is associated with many places bearing cultural and historical values ​​such as: Dau Linh field, Phat Dau Son mountain, Le dynasty's boat wharf, ... 

With a magnificent and sparkling beauty like a sumptuous palace, Thien Ha cave is really becoming an unforgettable destination when traveling to Ninh Binh . If you have time, come here to admire a unique masterpiece of nature. 

Great time to visit Thien Ha cave

Most of the caves are hidden deep in the ground. So the temperature here is always lower than normal temperature. So according to Ninh Binh tourism experience , you should come here in the summer months. 

How to move to Thien Ha cave

To reach Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave , you must first come to Ninh Binh. If departing from the capital, you can go by bus, self-driving car, train. However, with a distance of only about 100km, going by motorbike is also an interesting experience. On the way you will pass through many beautiful scenery in the northern plain provinces. 
Once you have reached Ninh Binh, you should search google map to move to Muong Tho village, X. Son Ha. From here you take a boat to Ben Dang river wharf and go into a small canal 1km long. Walk another 500m on the rocky road at the foot of Tuong mountain to reach the cave entrance. This road is shaded by green trees along the path, bringing visitors lost in a wild old forest. 

Ticket price to visit Thien Ha cave 

Currently to be able to visit Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave you will have to buy tickets at the price of 120k / adult, children: 40k / person. This price is not too expensive when you get in to immerse yourself in the magical scenery of colorful stalactites and learn the mysteries in the cave. 

What do you need to bring to explore Thien Ha Cave?

For a full tour, please prepare the following items: 
  • Bring a camera, phone fully charged to check in, record the most sparkling pictures. 
  • Bring an extra thin coat to avoid cold temperatures. 
  • You can bring drinking water, food so that if you explore a long time, you can take it out to recharge. 
  • Choose sports shoes with a strong grip to avoid comfortable movement and avoid slippery falls.

The beauty of Thien Ha Ninh Binh

Thien Ha Cave has a length of 700m with a splendid beauty. After a period of time when the cave door was covered by groves, in 2007 the cave was discovered. Since then, this place has become a prominent tourist destination in the ancient capital. 
Entering the entrance of the cave, you will be surprised by the real beauty of the emulsion system sparkling in the cave. Not yet standing still, you discover a light shining from above, making the space expand to absorb all eyes. That place is also known as the sky well. 

Explore Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave

Dry cave 

When you enter Thien Ha cave , you will first enter the dry cave. At this moment you think you are getting lost in some gilded work. Colorful stalactites falling under the reflection of the sun will definitely remind you of many shapes. In addition, there is also a "stone castle" that is related to fairy tales such as elephants, monkeys, ... and many traces left by the ancient Vietnamese residents such as raw pottery, pebble tools.
Especially when you go to the end of the deep cave, you will see a brilliant light beam. This area is high and nearly 3m wide. On strong sunny days, when the light shines on the stalactites, the stalactites emit a very lively and sparkling light. 

Water movement 

After you have visited all the dry caves, you continue to go deep up the boat down the water to the cave. This is also the "focal point" that is likened to a galaxy hidden deep in a cave. There are winding rivers around, surrounded by a sparkling stalactite system with unique names such as: Breast milk, Fairy flower, Dragonfish, ... giving visitors the feeling of being at the place. 
"Float" on the water and immerse yourself in that air, sometimes you will hear the wind rushing deep into the cave, the sound of water, the paddle, ... At this time, visitors will feel very comfortable and "already" extremely. 

Attractions near Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave 

Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh is the temple holding the record for the largest temple area in Vietnam , located on Dinh mountain. Possessing magnificent and monumental architecture, very delicate carved giant statues and pure scenery have made many tourist areas calm and relaxed when visiting. 

The beauty of Bai Dinh pagoda - attractions near Thien Ha Ninh Binh caveBai Dinh Pagoda (Photo: Muacaves)

Tam Coc - Bich Dong

Tam Coc - Bich Dong is a place that you can combine to visit when traveling Thien Ha Ninh Binh Cave Here you will enjoy the harmonious natural picture of rice fields and mountains. Now you just need to sit on a boat to explore the caves and surrounding monuments. 

Hoa Lu ancient capital 

Hoa Lu ancient capital is a very special architectural complex recognized by UNESCO as one of the four core areas of Truong An heritage. This place has also been ranked the national vestige complex, a particularly important architectural complex that needs to be protected and preserved. Each architecture in Hoa Lu has its own characteristics, but they all create a really majestic and ancient scene. The historical vestiges that are still preserved here are very rich and diverse, including caves, temples, monarchs, city walls, tombs, ... 
Check in the ancient capital Hoa Lu - attractions near Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave Check in beautiful world heritage

With the magnificent beauty, shimmering like a lavish palace, Thien Ha Ninh Binh cave deserves an extremely magical attraction. In the near future, if you are planning somewhere, you can choose this place as a destination.