Mount Jungfrau Switzerland - earthly fairy tale in the land of white snow

Jungfrau Peak is over 4,000 meters high, covered with snow all year round, possessing a beautiful natural landscape, which is called the wonderland of Switzerland by tourists everywhere.
Switzerland is famous for its expensive and luxurious life but is also known for its beautiful natural landscapes such as the charming Lausanne , peaceful Basel on the ancient Rhine or Bern river. Discovering places to visit when coming to Switzerland can not be ignored the romantic lakes and majestic snowy mountains, of which Jungfrau is the most impressive destination.

There are many people who have compared Mount Jungfrau  Switzerland in particular and the Jungfraujoch region in general is the worldly fairy scene in the high mountains of Switzerland. This place has 3 adjacent super high mountain peaks: Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger. Therefore, traveling to Switzerland and visiting attractive tourist destinations in the high mountains, resting on the vast grasslands at the foot of the mountain, walking on winding mountain side roads full of wild flowers will be the experience.

Best time to see Jungfrau

The ideal time to start the journey to explore Mount Jungfrau Switzerland is in September. Actually, with such an impressive height, this peak always has a cool atmosphere all year round. Even though the daytime temperature is up to 30 degrees Celsius, on the top of the mountain, snow is continuously falling white, even when sunlight and blue colors in the clouds are present.
However, if you choose the appropriate time to see Jungfrau, it must be early September because the weather here is the most satisfying for visitors with beautiful natural scenery, whether at the top or the foot of the mountain. Especially at the foot of the mountain, each wave of flowers blooming, fresh air creates a breathtaking and unique landscape. The top of Jungfrau mountain also has another name for its impressive height, Top of Europe. It is said that on fine days you can see thousands of miles from here. However, in terms of elevation, the Matterhorn or Mont Blanc peak is still slightly better.

Mount Jungfrau, earthly fairy in the land of white snowThe top of Jungfrau is 4,158m high, known as the roof of Europe. Photo by Ngo Tran Hai An.

If you are planning to visit the top of Mount Jungfrau - one of the most attractive Swiss tourist destinations , you should take the morning train, around 9am. Because this is a sunny time and the best time of the day to see Europe's rooftop. A small note is that when boarding the train, you should choose to sit on the right side of the train to see the best view. Normally, the glass doors will be closed, but to take a photo without blurring you are allowed to open it for a while.

The train goes to Europe's 'rooftop' - top of Jungfrau

To explore the top of Jungfrau , the only safe and convenient way is to go by a unique serrated train, starting from the village of Wengen. Anyone who once took a trip on this hundred-year-old train will feel the grandeur of nature as well as the great effort of man. Moreover, on this journey, you can also contemplate the 3,572 m high Sphinx observatory, the glacier winding below and gradually rising, the European roof appears. The train at this impressive height is also one of the first mountain resorts preserved with Victorian architecture.
The path to the top of the mountain is beautiful and divided into three main distances with two train changes. Therefore, visitors must take all 3 trains. This exciting journey takes only about 2.5 hours, the transfer points at 2 elevated stations are Lauterbrunnen and Kleine Scheidegg. The Swiss people and those who have experienced the 9,3 km-long serrated railway to the top of the snowy mountain Jungfrau all think that this is truly a miracle of the Swiss railway industry.
Although the train to the Jungfrau mountain does not allow guests to stop for more than ten minutes, the time to ride the train to the top of the mountain and watch the romantic scenery is sure to bring you a lot of unforgettable emotions.
The landscape on both sides of the first pass is dominated by grasslands and trees. And the amazing passenger experiences will officially start from the moment the train passes in the middle of the mountain and stops at Grindelwald station. This is also the time when visitors are transferred to the first train.
The increasing elevation causes the train to climb steep, so the train goes very slowly and as a result, visitors can admire the splendid natural picture outside the door frame in detail and slowly. The first glimpse into people's eyes is a vast valley of Grindelwald station.
The higher it goes, the farther back the valley of Grindelwald gets. Lively pine forests with blue colors and the mountains covered with white, purple, and yellow wildflowers appeared to take away the eyes of visitors. Now you can also see more clearly the snow-capped peaks at an altitude of 2,000 meters. Everyone can feel more clearly the cold of the high mountains.
The last way to reach the top of Mount Jungfrau is also the most interesting. This is a moment of vast expanses with mountains and a white stretch of snow and ice stretching to the horizon. The train also runs much slower, so if you watch closely, you can also see tiny snowflakes flying against the wind through the window. The poetic and imaginative souls have likened this journey to the road connecting the ground to the heavens, to reach the dreamland in the mountains.
The train reached the top of the mountain after 45 minutes of the last leg and was different from what people often imagine about the view of pigs smoking on the towering mountain. Grindelwald station area is beautiful with tunnel and many restaurants and other convenient facilities. What surprised many people is that the train track with these station facilities was built a century ago but still does not lack modernity.

Mount Jungfrau, earthly fairy in the land of white snowLarge space with identical mountains and a white stretch of snow.

Attractive destinations near the top of Jungfrau

The cluster of three most attractive sights in the European rooftop area includes: the town of Interlaken - the snowy peak of Jungfrau and the fairy village Grindelwald. Whether you choose to tour Switzerland or visit self-sufficient, do not miss 3 landscapes in this beautiful country.

1. Interlaken - city with bold Swiss culture

Interlaken does not have the look of an ancient, busy city like Geneva, Basel or dreamy like Lucerne, but a quiet town on the Aare river with many beautiful lakes surrounding. It has about 6,000 people and welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world to visit all year round.
Interlaken town not only owns apeak of Jungfrauover 4,000 meters high with snow all year round, but also attracts tourists by many shops that are extremely bustling and have a terrain, climate that is extremely suitable for sports activities. Outdoor activities such as skiing, off-road tours, ... The forms of sightseeing and outdoor activities in Interlaken are often divided into three main groups: group travel on the air (hire helicopters to fly to the sky for sightseeing ) or skydiving or glider down from the mountain; the other two groups are mountain climbing and lake boat trips.
This beautiful little town between lakes Thun and Brienz, about two hours by train from Zurich with one transfer is also the gateway to the breathtaking cruise on top of Jungfrau. Therefore, there are many tourists from all over the world flock to Interlaken to admire the majestic Alps so close.
Interlaken is the land in the south of Switzerland, where there are many mountains of the Alps. It is also voted as one of the most beautiful Swiss tourist destinations . From the West to the East of the town, it is connected by the most beautiful boulevard of this tourist destination with the presence of many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops that are built and decorated in very architectural style.
Interlaken is also a city with many characteristics of Swiss culture with bustling traditional cultural festivals all year round. It also regularly organizes visits to the cheese, chocolate processing factory or beautiful mountain trails.

2. Grindelwald Village

On the way to the top of Jungfrau mountain - the roof of Europe, visitors will admire the poetic beauty of Grindelwald . The time from 9 to 10 am is the most ideal for visitors to admire. Because this is the time when the rays of sunlight shine on the small houses and the yellow flower carpet below, creating a beautiful scene that enchants the hearts of people.
There are many small houses scattered and most of them are made of small wood. A lovely village scene, painted gray or white with flowers blooming everywhere, even in the garden, on the windowsill, on the wall or even at the foot of the fence in all colors creates a splendid scene and fresh and attractive. One interesting thing that you do not miss is the cable car box that opens the window, so you can take advantage of it to take pictures without being caught in the glass.

Things to note before reaching the top of Jungfrau Switzerland

If you choose the starting point from Geneve, you can take the transfer train to the capital Bern less than 2 hours from Jungfrau and then take another train to reach Interlaken town about 50 minutes.
The round-trip ticket to Jungfrau is quite expensive: about 200 euros per person, but from the first minute you get on the train to climb the top of the mountain, the height is quite impressive with white snow covered all year round until the end of the journey is worth it. every minute so do not regret money for this wonderful experience.
If you choose to travel in the right winter in Switzerland , you must be carefully equipped with cold equipment, because the temperature on the top drops very low, below minus 5 degrees, or even lower. Also, do not forget to bring sunglasses or you will not be able to open your eyes due to the intense sunlight falling on the snow.
For travelers with vestibular or altitude syndrome, it is necessary to bring medicine to prevent headache or lightheadedness.
Because in cold weather, the battery drops very quickly, so the camera must fully charge the battery and bring extra batteries.
If you are preparing to start your journey to discover the legendary Mount Jungfrau of Switzerland, you need to prepare and pocket these little tips to be able to admire the beautiful scenery and capture the best moments of the trip.