'Standing still and restless' in front of the unique upside down house in Sa Dec

 Sa Dec - Dong Thap not only has a beautiful flower village with countless colorful flowers blooming, but the upside down house in Sa Dec also makes young people fall in love with their uniqueness.

About home upside down in Sa Dec

Located in Khanh Hoa hamlet, Tan Khanh Dong commune, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province , at the same time about 2km from the famous Sa Dec flower village , the upside down house named Sa Nhien Garden is a new check-in point. "Tanh" makes the young "fever feverish".


upside down home location in Sa DecUnique architecture of the house (Photo @ hgiang279)


This work is owned by Mr. Tran Minh Dao but is the result of the creative idea of ​​Mr. Tran Thanh Nguyen - 25 years old - a son of a family with a tradition of growing flowers, always wanting to develop tourism in hometown. 

Then, after a period of cherishing a dream and 6 months of construction, on December 12, 2019, the upside down house in Sa Dec was officially completed and put into service for visitors to visit with accommodating about 50 people at a time.


The architecture has 1 - 0 - 2 of the upside down house in Sa Dec

Built on a large land of 10,000 m2, Sa Nhien Garden house with an area of ​​70 m2 was built "against the law of nature", ie the black roof is "plugged" into the ground, the foundation of the house is " stick "to the sky, making it easy to think of, this work has just fallen freely from the universe and unfortunately was" turned upside down ".

Even if standing from the front, you can see, even the potted plants or windows and doors are designed in such a "messy" style, too unique and impressive. 

Inside the upside down house in Sa Dec , it is built into 5 full rooms like a normal house with living room, bedroom, kitchen, coffee room and mini-shopping counter, with each room painted one color. 

And of course, the outside has been turned upside down, the inside cannot be "inferior" here. You will definitely be overwhelmed by the scene of all furniture, furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, mugs, lamps, ... and space and architecture are "reeling" against the average world. 

The living room of the upside down house in Dong Thap is decorated in light tones with white walls, turquoise chairs, brown wooden tables, plus a black television, a few pictures and a few books ... elegance, courtesy.

Coming to the kitchen, you will be impressed by the prominent green wall stickers on a white background, adding a few beautiful kitchen accessories and a blooming flowerpot that makes the space full of life. 

The coffee room is designed with a luxurious space, with the main colors of white and blue, with a red carpet with sophisticated motifs, expensive piano and some pictures. Renaissance paintings ... makes visitors feel like you are lost in a Royal room in ancient Europe.

When you step into the upside-down bedroom in Sa Dec , you will feel like you are visiting the room of a small princess with bright pink as the main color, with a friendly wooden dressing table, a lamp. Sleeping pretty white, some souvenir pictures and some pretty and very cute toys.

The most special space is probably a mini counter, because in a normal house, no one built it to do anything. Coming to this bright yellow room, you will be lost in a fragrant, eye-catching milk tea shop with outstanding colors, sometimes even boiling the idea of ​​wanting to sit down and order a cup of milk tea. 

In particular, like an upside-down house in Vung Tau or any other upside-down houses in Vietnam, an upside-down house in Sa Dec is used with a lightweight material and uses special nails, screws, and glue. Fixed to the ceiling so their safety is not worried at all.

Extreme "virtual life" at an upside down house in Sa Dec

Standing in this unique space, what are you waiting for without expressing your ability to "transform" by creating a super muddy and unique pose, right? Make sure that every corner on the picture is "quality like distilled water" too.

And those who have not yet thought of a way to "so deep" do not worry, because the owner of the house will guide you in posing to create pictures that do not "touch" immediately.

The inside is so impressive, but when you step outside the upside-down house in Sa Dec, you will immediately feel the romantic and romantic space of bright yellow chrysanthemums, bougainvillea flowers, bouquets. Beautiful hydrangeas and beautiful butterfly petals ... like a flower garden of a dreamy Dalat.

Moreover, the garden is also full of life by the fresh green of the grass, the rows of ancient trees, the fish pond and the sheep hill in the distance….


garden - green area at upside down house in Sa DecAdd a fresh green color to the trees (Photo @quynhoangle)


In addition, after you are bored with the flowers, you can go to the 6m-high infinity staircase with 25 steps leading up to the immense blue sky - the check-in point at a time "made rain. 

With this project, you do not need to pose too much, just sit quietly or gently step on each step to feel like you are walking on the stairs to reach heaven. 

So, what do you need to go to Vung Tau or Dalat far, Dong Thap's children just need to go to the upside down house in Sa Dec to have many "beautiful" virtual living corners to refresh the instagram. 


Some notes at the upside down house in Sa Dec

Opening hours : 7am to 5:30 pm daily.

Ticket price : 40,000 VND / person, free parking.

The ideal time to live virtual : early in the morning, because there are few people at this moment, the space is spacious, the air is cool, but the sun is not too strong, the show is only enchanting.

Now when coming to Dong Thap, you do not need to think about taking pictures anywhere beautiful outside the flower village because the upside down house in Sa Dec has satisfied your passion.