Check in the frescoed village of Cao Lanh Dong Thap with beautiful back-ground

 Cao Lanh mural village is currently the favorite destination of many young people inside and outside Dong Thap with bright, lively and attractive paintings.

Where is Cao Lanh mural village located?

Dong Thap and the land famous for rice and lotus, and famous tourist destinations such as Sa Dec flower village, Gao Giong tourist area , Xeo Quyt, Dong Sen Thap Muoi, ... 


Check in the frescoed village of Cao Lanh - Dong Thap is the land of lotus and riceDong Thap is the land of lotus flowers and famous Sa Dec flower village. Photo: imlyynh02

Recently, there is another place that has appeared in the list that tourists, especially young people cannot ignore when traveling to Dong Thap . That is the mural village in Cao Lanh , also known as the Vietnam-Australia friendship mural village . The small village at the foot of Cao Lanh Bridge, located on the simple and simple Tien River, is now colored by the vibrant colors of dozens of beautiful colorful frescoes.

This is a small village nestled on the Tien River, right at the foot of Cao Lanh Bridge in Dong Thap province, but has been dressed in a new shirt with countless pictures of unique and novel landscapes and activities.

From a rustic, idyllic village space, the small village suddenly transformed into a much more vibrant and vibrant destination. Every day, Cao Lanh fresco village welcomes many tourists to visit, take pictures or simply watch pictures when having the opportunity to travel to Dong Thap .

This brand new fresco village project of Dong Thap in particular and the West in general is located right at the foot of Cao Lanh bridge - an important bridge and road construction of the famous land of the lotus countryside. Therefore, when you come here, you can combine to visit other nearby Dong Thap tourist sites , such as Phuong Nam tourist area in Lap Vo district, new Cao Lanh bridge, Pho Bang old mausoleum relic Nguyen Sinh Sac - born President Ho Chi Minh, ...

Cao Lanh mural village - a unique community art project

Since its completion until now, the beautiful Vietnamese-Australian friendship mural village in Tinh Thoi commune, Cao Lanh city has become a new destination for many tourists when visiting Dong Thap, next to birth tourism destinations. 

More specifically, in the early days of 2020, the mural village of Australia - Vietnam (Vietnam - Australia) was officially launched in Tan Tich ward, Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province. In fact, this place was born as a unique community art project of international cooperation meaning that was first implemented in Dong Thap. This is the work initiated by the Australian Embassy in Vietnam in collaboration with Dong Thap University in a series of events to welcome the inauguration of Cao Lanh Bridge - an important transport project of Vietnam by the Australian government. 

Not inferior to the Tam Thanh mural villages in Quang Nam or the charming Ao Dai lane in Hanoi, Cao Lanh mural village has more than 80 large and small colorful paintings, painted on extremely materials by artists. Diverse but also very close to local people such as corrugated iron walls, wood, walls and concrete fences of schools, administrative offices and houses. It can be said that through the skillful drawing and talented hands of Australian, Vietnamese artists and the students of Dong Thap University, this meaningful project has reached the local people and tourists in a way. 

To create these impressive paintings, a group of Australian volunteer artists and 10 students studying at Dong Thap University spent nearly a month working hard to create these beautiful works of art. What is even more precious is that before painting on the surface of the wall, the artists have handled each wall carefully so that the quality of the painting is durable and lasting, as well as more vivid.


Check in Cao Lanh frescoed village - river landscape becomes more livelyThe paintings make the scenery of the river region become more vivid. Photo: Eva.


Indeed, as soon as you arrive at the small peaceful village located on the Cao Lanh River, you will immediately admire the colorful murals, recreating the scenes of life, the animals - plants the meaning is indigenous cultural symbols such as white stork, pink lotus or red-headed crane. Mixed with that are pictures carrying the message of Vietnamese - Australian cultural exchange such as Sydney Opera House, ostriches or penguins, television screens, ... are skillfully drawn on all kinds of surfaces. In the village, there are corrugated iron walls, fences, and walls of the houses of the people here.

It can be said that Cao Lanh mural village with the bridge of the same name has become a complex of works under the project connecting the central area of ​​the Mekong Delta. Especially Cao Lanh bridge has a total construction cost of up to 3,000 billion VND, of which 160 million USD is funded by the Australian Government. Both projects show the spirit of the Australian Government 's deep commitment and support to Vietnam.

Beautiful check-in point in the middle of the river

Before the project to paint murals for the village located in Tinh Thoi commune, Cao Lanh city was completed, this place was just a small country village with a few simple riverside houses, with a concrete road connecting the villages. The people here are accustomed to the rhythm of life and the scenery over the years with gray walls, seemingly lacking in vitality.

From December 2019, Cao Lanh mural village was introduced to the local people and shortly after, visitors from all over came to visit, see pictures and check in, take beautiful pictures with the scenery.

Attracting the most viewers are the paintings bearing the imprint of the local culture of Cao Lanh - Dong Thap with typical images such as pink lotus field, flying white stork or red-headed crane, ...


Check in Cao Lanh frescoed village - Lotus painting in fresco villageLotus painting is painted in fresco village, a typical symbol of Dong Thap. Photo: Australian Embassy.


It is a picture of a girl holding a pink lotus flower in her hand, above a swarm of red-headed cranes. Or the image of penguins being drawn favorably on the corrugated iron roof along the canal, creating a poetic scene for people in the river. Another impressive picture is about 20 meters long and about 5 meters high, promoting the landscape and people of Australia with the Opera House and the typical animals of this country.

It can be said that compared to other famous murals of Vietnam such as Tam Thanh village, Chu Xa village, Ao Dai lane in Hanoi, Cao Lanh Dong Thap fresco village is completely no less. As the pictures here also have a wide variety of colors, rich themes are represented by soft, realistic paint and well-surface treatment. All of these have helped each picture convey the full meaning and emotion to the viewer.

That is also an important reason why this emerging Dong Thap tourist destination attracts many young people to visit as well as take memorable pictures for themselves and your companions. We must feel grateful to the talented artists and painters for their joining hands to create more impressive virtual living corners in the famous fresco village. Even so, many pictures are so excellent that you just need to stand and you will have special photos to take back.


Check in Cao Lanh frescoed village - soft linesWalls become more vivid thanks to the soft lines. Photo: travelmag


One experience is also a small note when taking pictures with the mural village that you should prioritize wearing bright and striking outfits. It is best to choose white, red, yellow, blue, ... with less textures because that color will help create a certain contrast to the more detailed pictures. And yet, please refer to many other tips on social networks to make your virtual live photos much more beautiful and quality.