Visit the purple church in Nghe An and check in with unbelievable romantic scenery

If you have a chance to visit Uncle Ho's hometown, do not forget to visit the purple church in Nghe An to admire the fairy-tale-like works with unique architecture and colors. 

Check out the coordinates of the purple church in Nghe An

The purple church that people often whisper to each other over the past time is exactly the church of Xuan Yen family . This place belongs to Nghia Thanh, Nghia Trung, Nghia Dan . Located on a small hill, surrounded by greenery of trees and fields, possesses airy space that exudes heroism. 
Along with 2 pink and brown churches nearby, it forms one of the destinations attracting people in Nghe An to go to the ceremony. But tourists everywhere who hear the news when having the opportunity to come here must also definitely come to admire the time. 

Purple church in Nghe An - coordinatesPhoto: LostBird

Learn church history

Nghia Thanh Nghe An land belongs to the central part of the heart, the nature is somewhat harsh. But the people here are always gentle, cute and love their place of "burying and cutting their navel". In 2010, with only a meager contribution from a few dozen households here, a spacious poet was built so that people would have a place to visit and celebrate.
After more than a year, the project was completed with a length of 46 meters, a height of 35 meters and a width of 16 meters. In the beginning, like many other places, the church was allowed to be gray to create a quiet character. Except for the local people, few people know it because it is not outstanding. But recently, when it was renovated and put on a new shirt, the purple church in Nghe An has become a tourist attraction, especially young people, often frequented.  

Design and meaning of purple paint color

Although compared with churches in other areas, the Xuan Yen Catholic Church was born not long ago. But this is always the pride of the people, always welcoming those who leave the countryside as well as tourists to visit. Located in a relatively spacious land, the design is simple at first glance, but equally outstanding. Especially after being put on a faithful purple color, making it look like a castle coming out of a fairy tale.

Purple church in Nghe An - designPhoto: Fb Nghia Thanh Parish

Self-sufficient Nghe An travel experience must come here to see firsthand. Because not suddenly they choose this color to replace the old image. Partly due to the aesthetics, but the deeper meaning this is the color of fidelity that unites everyone from brothers, spouses, and relatives. Is a bond of God with man, a return to God's love. Rejoicing returns to welcome the day of Jesus' resurrection. 
On the other hand, it also symbolizes salvation for human life, building a spiritual life with solid faith not only for the entire parish, their parish but also each individual child here. It is that change but has created a big "fever" that makes this church now more and more famous and cause curiosity for many people who want to come to the place to see. 
Not only on the shimmering image but in real life, the ancient architecture is preserved. The purple church in Nghe An after being repainted to replace the old gloomy gray tone when surrounded by the rustic landscape of the countryside, with green trees and rice fields becoming even more bright and prominent below the harsh sunshine of the Central region. Soaring towers, curved arches, yellow window frames remind us of an ancient scene. Majesty, splendor like a fairyland in the distant Europe. 
In addition to purple, white is also adorned in the paintwork and wind cells or patterns on the building. So impressive outside, going inside is equally spacious and airy. The architecture tends to be simple, from the layout to the utensils, carvings, ... But equally subtle, it brings the characteristics of the parish and the people here. In addition to the material meaning, church architecture is also a spiritual gift showing the unity and compassion of the people on this sunny and windy land. 

Impressive check-in location

Throughout Vietnam, there are many outstanding church buildings that make everyone admire. But with Nghe An tourism or Nam Dan's homeland in particular, the purple church becomes a more crowded tourist attraction. Walk along the corridor along the prominent yellow painted windows, stand under the arches or inside the church, ... The front looks like Notre Dame Cathedral, any corner you can bring yourself Impressive frames.
Young people come to take pictures to check in or couples to take wedding photos. No need to edit much, under the sunlight and the blue background of the sky, the surrounding trees also create an ideal background as beautiful as Europe. In addition to the purple church, the mountain of Our Lady with 2 letters F and T meaning "please, yes" in Latin built on two sides nearby is also worth visiting and taking pretty pictures. 
If anyone has the opportunity to go along the legendary Truong Son road to the South or the North, here. Surely you will be admired from a distance from the purple church in Nghe An with the outstanding sophistication and originality surrounded by the valley of rice fields. Whether you are a child of God or a pagan, do not miss the opportunity to come here to admire and above all the love and blessings when you visit this cathedral.