Check in the bamboo forest Mu Cang Chai, Mu Cang Chai are not only golden rice!

It is said that when you first come to the Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest, you will feel like you are in an epic Chinese swordplay.
If this September has a chance to go to Mu Cang Chai to explore the golden season , do not forget that this place has many beautiful destinations, one of which is the bamboo forest in Na Hang Tua Chu village (Lung Luong commune, Mu Cang district Chai, Yen Bai). 

Virtual life in Mu Cang Chai bamboo forestBamboo forest in Na Hang Tua Chu village

Check in at Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest

Possessing fresh space, beautiful scenery, providing many virtual living check-in corners; Recently, tourists have flocked to each other to get a view of the landscape that can normally only be seen in Chinese or Japanese swordplay movies.
Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest, recently known to the people, turns out to be over 60 years old, planted and cared for by the people here. Trees are always kept green, in addition to being very clean and peaceful.
Going deep into the forest, covering the landscape is green, surrounded by rows of rows of green bamboos stabbing straight up against the blue sky. Every tree is straight and even, very eye-catching. Sitting on the chair which is closed by the trunk of the tree, listening to the wind rustling, the birds chirping nervously as if they are lost in the fairy scene.
Of course, the purpose of visitors coming here is to take pictures of "life" between this magical space. Then don't worry, the forest is very wide, even if you come every day you can freely choose the angle, pose without fear of mistaking "stranger" in the frame, enjoy shooting until satisfied. A small tip is to bring old-fashioned outfits for the "deepest" photos.

Check in Mu Cang Chai bamboo forestThe delightful check-in version lives here without fear of crowding

The time to visit Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest coincides with the time when the rice fields are ripe, but in this small corner, the green trees are lush, covering a space of sky, making the air more cool and clear. Therefore, it is no pity not to come to this stop to combine in your Yen Bai travel .

Guide to Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest

Because the high position is remote, plus the road is difficult to go with many steep and sharp turns, you will have to prepare a little mentality before leaving. To get here, you move to the People's Committee of Lung Luong commune, there will be signposts to enter the bamboo forest or ask for guidance from the local people. But Mu Cang Chai tourism experience still recommends that you hire a local motorbike taxi to get transported, you will be more secure because they know the way to travel. The rental price for motorbike taxi is about 50,000 VND / person including bringing in and out of the forest.

Notes when visiting Na Hang Tua Chu bamboo forest

- Tickets to visit: 15,000VND / person.
- Before going you should be equipped with insect spray to avoid being "attacked" by mosquitoes.
- You can camp here, just bring your own tent, canvas and food and water.
- The forest is preserved by indigenous people; Please contribute to maintaining hygiene, not littering indiscriminately. 
- You can combine visiting other famous places of Yen Bai such as Tu Le, Lap Mong, Khau Pha pass , Ngoi Tu village, Thac Ba lake ...
The most beautiful month of the Northwest has come, so why not arrange 2-3 days for a trip to Yen Bai and visit the Mu Cang Chai bamboo forest right away!