The beauty of the fairytale village of Bettmeralp in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its villages possessing dreamlike scenery that makes tourists around the world admire, one of which is the village of Bettmeralp.

Impressive  Swiss village Bettmeralp like in fairy tales

In Switzerland, there is a place known as winter paradise called the surreal beautiful village of Bettmeralp. It feels like, the peaceful scenery covered by the snow white of that village is just a polished model or painting, because this place is so perfect.

Bettmerlap is all you think about when you envision an ancient Swiss village. The wooden structures were built right by the mountain, and each had gardens and windows filled with flowers.
Not so famous as the village of Grindelwald or Gimmelwald, but the Swiss village of Bettmeralp hides a beauty that will overwhelm anyone who comes here. It has a peaceful, magical and special scene without any appearance of a car. To move, you only have to walk or take the cable car if you want to move to the surrounding areas. Perhaps because of this, the village of Bettmeralp is always peaceful between the four sides, which is majestic mountains.

Impression of the Swiss village of Bettmeralp as in a fairy tale@maudschellekens

Bettmeralp can only be reached by cable car. That means everything the village needs, everything has to be transported up the mountain by cable car including food, water, any kind of supplies, as well as any vehicles. Small cars, like trucks, transport luggage, passengers, food and anything else to and from the cable car station around the village. The view from Bettmerlap is stunning.
Bettmeralp is a small village located on a hill 2,000m high overlooking the valley of the Rhône. From here, you can see the most beautiful snowy peaks in the state of Valais. Standing at an altitude of 2000m, we can see countless mountain peaks coinciding with the same message. In the distance is the world-famous Matterhorn mountain, 4478m from sea level and one of the highest peaks in Europe.
Each time, the Swiss village of Bettmeralp appears with different beauty. If the summer impresses visitors with diverse colors from trees, flowers and small beautiful houses, in the winter, the village will overwhelm us with the beauty of fairy tales. Everything is covered with white snow, quiet space when there is no car engine sound.
Even though it's early summer, it's still a bit cold! Bettmerhorn Peak seems like a real spiritual spot that hobbyists often find to pray and large stones for prayer or solitary meditation.
In addition to the inherent beauty of the car-free village, don't miss the chance to walk the mountain-top trail to see the Grosser Aletschgletscher, the longest glacier in the European Alps. This 26km long river comes from the center of Jungfrau region.
Coming here, not only can you enjoy the poetic and dreamy scenery of Bettmeralp village, but also experience many interesting activities. Stroll through the beautiful little shops on each street, enjoy typical Swiss cuisine or start your journey to explore the towering peaks and watch the longest Grosser Aletschgletscher glacier in the Alps. The rare beauty of Bettmaralp village is sure to impress any visitor. A beauty that is both majestic and majestic of nature but also simple.
The Swiss village of Bettmeralp is the Alps first world heritage with family-friendly summer and winter resorts that boast nearly 300 sunny days a year. Especially for families with kids, this is a very special vacation experience: kids can go anywhere they want safely! This car-free vacation oasis lets you enjoy the wilderness in complete peace.