Lucerne - charming ancient city in central Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland is an ancient city with a rich culture that will impress anyone who comes here! You can walk the cobbled streets or pass through the small shops and savor the best of the region!
The ancient streets are long and quiet, the lake surface is green and clear, the snow mountain ranges in the distance. Those are the classic "materials" that make up the beauty of Swiss tourism . Gather all of these elements together and visualize Lucerne. Coming to Lucerne, you cannot miss these extremely interesting sightseeing places!

Chapel wooden bridge - symbol of Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne (Luzern) is one of Switzerland's most attractive ancient cities, nestled among snow-covered mountains, surrounded by a beautiful lake and adorned with the clear waters of the river. Reuss flows down from the mountain. Lucerne is the gateway to central Switzerland with all the wonderful scenery of the Alps, a major tourist destination in central Switzerland, home to about 70,000 people.
This famous long wooden bridge first built in the 14th century has long been considered a symbol of the city, surrounded by many tiny pink flowers. And at the foot of the bridge, the plump swans proudly stretch their necks to show off the beauty of the lady of the bird.

Lucerne SwitzerlandChapel wooden bridge

The Chapel Wooden Bridge crosses the River Reuss and was built in the first half of the 14th century as part of the city protection system and named after the nearby St. Peter's Chapel. Paintings added in the 17th century illustrate the history of Switzerland and locality, including biographies of the city's princes, St. Leodegar and St. Maurice. Unfortunately part of the bridge burned down in August 1993 but was rebuilt in just a few months.

Glacier Garden - Glacier Garden

No visitor to Lucerne will miss the chance to visit the Glacier Garden , discovered in 1872 near the Lion Monument. Here, you will meet lost worlds; There are several places on earth that describe our planet's history very well. You will embark on an exploration tour from Lucerne a subtropical palm forest beach that existed about 20 million years ago to glaciers of an icy period 20,000 years ago. Lucerne used to lie under a glacier 1000m thick.
The Glacier Garden also has some special floating model maps of the Alps and a model of the city of Lucerne from 1792. It's also a favorite place to relax after a tour of the Old Town - and to enjoy the An Alps garden with trees. And as a special gift, you can end your trip by exploring the labyrinth made of mirrors. You won't get lost, but will definitely come out of the maze with a smile on your face.

Visit Rigi mountain

Mount Rigi is 1,797 meters above Lake Lucerne, considered the symbol of the city of Lucerne . Europe's first mountain railway was built here in 1871 attracting many visitors to admire the breathtaking and sacred landscape of Mount Rigi. There are many different ways to reach and experience this mountain. The most interesting is the classic paddle boat cruise from Lucerne to Vitznau, then take the train to Rigi Kulm - the highest peak of the Rigi range.
Guests will enjoy unforgettable moments on the trails, enter the café and enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the mountain. Then take a train back to Rigi Kaltbad, transfer to a taxi down to Weggis and finally board a boat back to Lucerne.

Conquer Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is located west of Lake Lucerne. The mountain has an altitude of 2,132 meters and is home to the steepest cog railway in the world. Opened in 1889, this attractive tourist rail line has an average slope of 35%, and some stretches are inclined to 48%.
From the Swiss city ​​of Lucerne,  take a boat or train to Alpnachstad, then take a cog train for about 30 minutes, while walking while admiring the scenery while reaching the top of Pilatus. You can rent a room at a mountain top hotel or follow the "Dragon Trail" with your family to learn some of the legends of this famous mountain.

Visit Engelberg resort in the Alps

The Engelberg alpine resort is just 43 minutes away by train from Lucerne. Engelberg has Angel Mountain (Angel Mountain) famous for its impressive slopes, considered a paradise for skiers in winter. There is also a cheese factory and a beautiful Benedictine monastery, where you can tour the milk production process behind the ancient city walls.
In 2019, the local authorities inaugurated the Engelberg Mountain "Cheese Trail", a 45km hiking and cycling route, giving visitors the opportunity to go deeper to explore the famous valley. Visitors can also meet dairy producers at their farm, stay in cozy alpses and sample a wide variety of wonderful cheeses.

See Lake Lucerne from the train

The vast, beautiful and bustling Lake Lucerne is part of a nature reserve with many bird breeds and rare plants growing near the coast. Surrounded by hills, Lake Lucerne has a gentle stream and the wind is not too strong, making it ideal for boating. The venue has been repeatedly chosen for international boat races.
In Lake Lucerne there are 5 steamboats, 13 large boats and a number of sightseeing yachts for tourists. You can enjoy sightseeing on the Waldstätterweg walking trail, which begins in Brunnen, ends in Rütli before taking a train ride to see Lake Lucerne.
The cruise tour stretches long but can be divided into several sections: you can take a boat ride from Lucerne to Brunnen and hike through the Mediterranean-like forest to Vitznau (15 km), or start with a boat or boat trip to Alpnachstad and walk to beautiful Bürgenstock (16km) before returning to Lucerne.
culinary journey in Switzerland arriving at Lake Lucerne is a combination of an elegant evening trip around the lake by steamboat and enjoying two of the best Swiss dishes: the classic gooey fondue and raciddle milk with grilled cheese covered with potatoes, bread, meat ... You can enjoy all the dishes on board, but do not be too engrossed in eating and forget the enjoyment of watching the magical scenery.