'Pocket' 9 most attractive Swiss tourist destinations

As a country famous for its luxurious cities next to the majestic Alps, Switzerland is always an attractive destination for tourists in the world. In addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, this place also has 10 attractive Swiss tourist destinations for you to explore! 

Zurich - the financial capital of Switzerland

Zurich - Switzerland's largest city - owns many typical old European towns, surrounded by hills, lakes and far beyond the horizon is the legendary Alps that every winter increases.  The quaint tranquility, the charming restaurants and a rich cultural and historic history of Zurich are tourist attractions everywhere. Here, visitors can explore the picturesque old town of Altstadt, visit the Fraumünster with stained-glass windows or a national museum.

With over 2000 years of history, this Swiss tourist destination is Europe's oldest city. Coming to this city, you will be overwhelmed by the massive system of museums and galleries. Some great works to mention such as Grossmunster house, Bahnhofstrasse shopping street ... Although it is an old city, but the bustle of life in Zurich is still very hustle and bustle, bringing a completely different color unlike to any city in the world.

Geneva - the famous Swiss watch capital

Considered "the heart of Europe", Geneva is also known as a tourist mecca because of its mild year-round climate and beautiful scenery. Just a modest city, about 15km², but Geneva deserves to be considered the heart of Europe because so many great things converge here. Here, visitors can easily see the world famous fountain, located adjacent to the clear blue lake. Coming to the city of Geneva , visitors will feel like living in a city in harmony with nature, strangely peaceful.
Surrounded by Mount Jura in the north and Mount Alps in the south, Geneva has a mild year-round climate and clear blue skies. The winding Rhome River, which leads water into Lake Geneva, divides this lovely city into two separate parts with different looks and shapes. One side is the ancient architecture tinged with time, the other side is the vibrant youthfulness of a modern and developed city.

Lucerne - the most attractive tourist destination in Switzerland

Winding on Lake Lucerne and surrounded by the majestic Alps, this quaint town is one of the places that attracts large numbers of tourists. This place attracts visitors by buildings with medieval architecture, the cobblestone streets on the sidewalk create a strange and romantic charm. The highlight of this Lucerne is the 14th-century wooden Chapel bridge. Mount Pilatus is where visitors can engage in fun activities like tubing or ice skating in the summer.

9 most attractive Swiss tourist destinationsLucerne region in Switzerland

Luzern originated in an ancient fishing village by the lake, where there was a convent of St. Benedict, Saint Leodegar. After the railway was built through Gotthard, the city of Luzern developed and became as important as it is today, a popular tourist destination. With an area of ​​more than 25 km2, Luzern is a lovely city, a bit small, rich in cultural traditions, the ideal place from which to explore other important sights in Switzerland. The state's economy is still largely based on tourism, although industry also provides a large income.

Interlaken - city with bold Swiss culture

This city is one of the first Swiss upland tourist destinations to be preserved with the charming charms of Victorian architecture. Interlaken has Mount Jungfrau higher than 4,000 meters, snow covered all year round and is known as the roof of Europe. This place owns many very busy stores.
 Not only has a prime location located between two most beautiful lakes in the country, Thoune and Brienz, Interlaken is also the starting point of visits that bring visitors up to admire snow-capped mountains like Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.


Coming to the Swiss tourist destination  Lausanne, you will immediately dream about fairy dreams, because you can easily see the castles of ancient princesses and princes. And if you want to adventure around the feeling of Cinderella, just walk to the Old Quarter and put yourself on brilliant horse-drawn carriages.
Lausanne is a young city with a variety of cultural and sporting activities. Not only that, Lausanne is also considered a city of research and scholarship with universities and many international science centers. In addition to the prestigious Lausanne university, the city has hundreds of long-standing private language schools and institutes. Children of aristocratic families from all over Europe are sent here to be acquainted with the highest learning method and discipline.

City of Basel

Separated by the Rhine River and nestled between Germany and France, Basel is Switzerland's third largest city . In Basel, there are many works of famous architects such as Mario Bota, Renzo Piano ... Some attractions that should not be missed are Basel Bank, Münster ancient red sandstone, Basel Hilton building, Fondation Beyeler. You can also join the Basler Fasnacht (a festival before Lent), with three days of masking and street parades dressed in fancy costumes.

The famous ski town Zermatt

A small but very famous Swiss town, with the towering Matterhorn peak in the Alps, Zermatt is the  ideal Swiss tourist destination  for skiing and mountain climbing. To protect the environment, this town does not allow private motor vehicles to operate. So the local people are all on foot, bike or bus. Coming to this beautiful and pollution-free town, visitors will feel lost in a wonderland: snowy mountains, clear blue streams, quiet spaces, lovely traditional wooden houses along the slopes. ...

9 most attractive Swiss tourist destinationsZermatt has towering Alps

The town of  Zermatt  is one of the famous snow and ski tourist destinations in Europe. When in the peak of winter, a small Zermatt Town can accommodate more than 20,000 people. In the summer, visitors also come to this place to experience the feeling of skiing in the summer at an altitude of about 3000m.


Visitors should explore the lovely Italian-speaking land at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, the Ticino region. Here you can follow the path from the Alpine valley through Bellinzona with three medieval castles Locarno and Lugano, the famous lake resorts of Southern Ticino.

Engadin St. Moritz

With an altitude of 1822m, long ago Engadin St. Moritz is known as the ideal ski resort, most prestigious in the world. This place attracts tourists because the landscape is very poetic, suitable for those who love nature and like a pure and peaceful life.
As a resort town in the Engadine valley, St Moriz has become one of the most prestigious ski resorts in the world. Due to its weather characteristics, this city is always the perfect place for winter sports. Here visitors can race horses on the frozen lake, play golf, play ice, hockey .... In addition, visitors to Engadin St. Moritz can admire the poetic, picturesque scenery of the snow-capped mountains or stroll under the old trees in the Engadine valley.