Discover Bangkok largest aquarium: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Located right below Siem Reap Shopping Center, Bangkok's largest aquarium: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is one of the world's largest aquariums and tourist attractions to attract tourists to Bangkok.

Bangkok is a famous tourist destination in Thailand. This beautiful city has so much to offer and no matter how many times you visit, it's hard to find out. And one of the highlights of this tourist city is the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World - the largest aquarium in Bangkok.
See Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World - The largest aquarium in Bangkok
Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is also known as another Siam Ocean world - this is one of the largest aquariums in the world today. Bangkok's largest aquarium is located just below the 10,000-square-meter commercial center of Siam Paragon.

This aquarium contains more than 400 species of sea creatures along with over 30,000 marine creatures. There are also dangerous Latin sharks arranged scientifically for visitors to visit, surprise and explore their lives.

The entire campus of the aquarium is divided into 7 areas with 7 different themes, with a large area and with many different entertainment services, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World World ensures that registration is one of These destinations will open your eyes and give you the most enjoyable experience. 

By subway: You can take the subway to Siam station, after about 5 minutes walk to the station, you will arrive at Siam Paragon Mall, located at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World Aquarium. Right on the B1 floor. Very easy to find

Alternatively, you can also take the bus to get to this aquarium. In Bangkok there are many buses you can go, such as buses number 16, 25, 73, 79, 204, 501, 508 or regular buses 15, 16, 21, 25, 40, 48, 54, 73 and buses number 5, 6, 12 and 23. 

Discover the largest aquarium in Bangkok
Start your journey to explore the ocean at Sea Life Bangkok, by finding giant octopus crabs. These crabs and octopus are well camouflaged and hidden behind these reefs, their search process is also a long journey. 

Next, let's look at the sharks right below our feet. Have you ever thought that you're only inches away from aggressive sharks? Take a walk with sharks in a large aquarium in Bangkok to see sharks of different types such as tiger sharks, leopard sharks, black fin sharks, ... right under your feet and separated by a plate. Walking on this area will definitely make you feel extremely interesting, interspersed with stress and fear. 

Coral - This is an area where anyone who comes to Sea Life Bangkok the World Oceanarium will be amazed at the beauty of this place. Colorful coral reefs in this area, along with small fish swimming around. When you come here, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the vast ocean world, making you want to become a mermaid like childhood dreams. 
In the tropical ocean area with a huge 8-foot-long fish tank, you think you're basking in the ocean floor with all kinds of colorful tropical fish. Most importantly, you can also watch the incredible crew display here with the fish or see how they treat and preserve this precious marine creature. 
Not only that, at the largest aquarium in Bangkok, you can also visit the transatlantic tunnel surrounded by sharks, rays and many other fish you've just seen. It was a beautiful sight, no. 

When you arrive at the Rockpool area, you will be surprised that the area is home to beautiful starfish. In this area, there is an open lake where you can release your hand and touch the cute starfish directly. This is an underwater playground with aquariums with many different topics such as Secret Cave, Crawling Through, Pop Up and do not be surprised to find it different from the children. Where adults also "hang out" in aquariums, because they are really too interesting, no. 

Continue the journey to explore the ocean in Bangkok's largest aquarium, watching the jellyfish change color continuously. You may not know that the deep, dark waters of the ocean, the brilliant light emanating from this halacha also helps them stand out and avoid predators.

Before you end your tour of Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, stop by and meet your favorite penguins. These penguins grow up in a snowy environment as cold as their homeland. You will see these cute guys swimming freely and walking in steps of love, humor. 

Sink the glass bottom
If the shark walking session is not enough to excite you, you can take part in activities on the glass boat. This activity helps you get closer to the sea creatures, which surround the boat and eat food from aquarium staff. With this experience, you will hardly forget her attractiveness. 

Walk under the sea
In addition, at the large aquarium in Bangkok, you can also take an underwater trip to feel once truly living in the vast ocean world. With full equipment such as professional scuba diving, you can walk through the underwater tunnel and enjoy the sea creatures here. Don't worry about dangers, this activity is guaranteed safe. 

The activity considered to be the strongest feeling here is scuba diving. For adventure lovers, do not miss this activity. While it may be dangerous to look, don't worry, there are experienced employees by your side. 

Bangkok's largest aquarium is a wonderful and interesting place. If you come to Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular, make sure not to miss the opportunity to explore the vast ocean world here.